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ALL BLUE Tools and Spare Parts for Sorbent Trap Thermal Mercury Analysis



Quartz Sample Boats (Ladles)

These 10 mm quartz sample boats will work perfectly with your Ohio Lumex® RP-M324 Sorbent Trap Mercury Analyzer. Shipped in a square package that won't roll off the table! The same quality you're used to at a lower price!

Part # Price
HG-40 $75 Quartz Sample Boat  
Quartz Sample Boats With Handles

Our quartz boats assembled with handles (the blue handles match your analyzer!) Handles have a black indicator aligned with the open portion of the boat so you know which way is up when it's in the oven to prevent spills!

HG-41 $95 Quartz Sample Boat With Handle  

Sample Boats Handles

Do you need some extra handles? Analyzing samples is more efficient with a few extra. These work perfectly with any 10 mm boats, ALL BLUE boats or the ones you already have.

HG-42 $20 Sample Boat Handle 

Here's a great product that everyone who analyzes traps needs, a nice stainless ash tray that's weighted on the bottom and is perfect for emptying hot sample ashes into! The metal gives a bit so you can tap the boats on the side without breaking them, the weighted bottoms keeps them in place. 6-inch receptacles are perfect for the lab; 4-inch receptacles also available and ideal to put inside your custom fitted calibration supply case for travel!

HG-23 $19
Receptacle (6-inch)
HG-24 $15
Receptacle (4-inch)

Trap Disassembly Tool

A step up from the one that came with your analyzer! These 10-7/8 inch long stout stainless tools have a small hook on one end to pull the glass wool out of your sorbent traps.

HG-20 $19 Trap Disassembly Tool  


OK, no rocket science here, just forceps. Needed to grab glass wool plugs from the traps, pick up a wayward grain of sample carbon, etc... If you lost the ones that came with your analyzer or your girlfriend wants her's back, this is the ticket!
HG-21 $19 Forceps  
Lab Spatula

These are great for scraping the hot ashes out of sample boats or for loading coal, ash or other solid samples or standards into boats for analysis. 5-1/2 inches long, it's usefull to have a couple of these around.

HG-22 $13
Lab Spatula  

Replacements for the graphite gaskets that seal the quartz windows on the analyzer furnace. "Standard" gaskets are factory thickness, If you've been using 2 gaskets to seal your windows, get our "thick" gaskets instead (they're twice as thick as "standard"). If you find these gaskets too fragile, order our "Stainless Steel Reinforced" gaskets. They're standard thickness reinforced with a thin layer of stainless steel in the middle to make them more rigid. All gaskets come in pairs.

HG-43 $39 Graphite Gaskets (standard thickness)  
HG-44 $51
Graphite Gaskets (double thickness)
HG-45 $64
Graphite Gaskets (stainless steel reinforced)  

Calibration Standards 
Bench Rack

ALL BLUE manufactures these racks out of HDPE to perfectly hold your 6 calibration standard bottles in addition to 6 glass vials (included) to hold each standard's pipette tip so they can be reused (saving on pipette tips). These racks will keep your standards neat and organized on the bench. ALL BLUE will also custom manufacture a rack for your specific application.

HG-80 $95
Standards Bench Rack  
Custom Made Rack for Your Application   
Contact ALL BLUE for Pricing  
Deluxe Calibration Supplies 
Bench Rack
The Calibration Standards Bench Rack described above, but the Deluxe Rack also holds your bottles of ALL BLUE Calibration Carbon and Sodium Carbonate with a place to store the lids for these two while in use. Helps to keep your lab bench organized!
HG-81 $145
Deluxe Calibration 
Bench Rack
Custom Fitted Calibration Supply Case

This case is ideal for transporting all your calibration supplies when on the road. Includes custom rack to hold calibration standards securely in case during transport and can be removed for bench use. Rack holds six calibration standards and has glass vials to hold each standard's pipette tip. Case has room for calibration carbon, sodium carbonate, ash tray, pipette, box of spare pipette tips, trap disassembly tools, spare parts and all needed supplies in one convenient case.

HG-79 $149
Calibration Supply Case  

ALL BLUE's "Smart Flow" Mercury Analyzer Filter

The standard RP-M324 filter was designed to neutralize acid gases produced in the furnace to protect the pump and to scrub any mercury from the exhaust gases. This original factory filter performs its job adequately, but has some drawbacks.
  • Replacement filters are expensive at ~ $500 and are recommended to be replaced annually.
  • Filter is "clunky" and top-heavy and uses a vinyl/lead ring to hold it upright. Components of a portable analyzer should not be made of lead if possible!
  • Filter is assembled of off-the-shelf items designed for other uses
  • Extreme tubing angles to filter can cause kinks and block flow
  • Something costing this much should not be held together with plastic cable ties!
  • Filter is prone to clogging
  • Filter has high flow resistance  
ALL BLUE has designed the Smart Flow filter to perform better and offers it at a lower price
  • The Smart Flow filter was designed from scratch for this application
  • It contains the same filter medias as the original factory filter, but contains >50% more active sights for each media so it will last >50% longer
  • Filter is trim, attractive, and replaces the original in seconds
  • Due to its unique design, it is stable on its own without a lead weight
  • The Smart Flow filter allows the exhaust gases to pass through with less resistance and is designed to prevent clogging
  • The design allows hose connections to be kink-free
  • 2-piece design with swivel joint is stable in use but takes up minimal space in travel case
The most convenient way to configure the filter is with the inlet side horizontal and the outlet side vertical. This makes for an easy connection to the furnace hose and the pump hose and the filter is stable in this position. However, the 2 halves can be rotated at the swivel to configure it in other ways depending on bench space and other constraints.

HG-46 $295 Smart Flow Mercury Analyzer Filter 

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