Innovative Products and Services for Measuring Mercury Using Sorbent Traps
Supplies, Consultation, Method Development and Optimization for Mercury, PCB, and Other Organic and Inorganic Analyses

ALL BLUE Mercury Analysis Training and Services

Sorbent Trap Analysis Using the Ohio Lumex ® 
RA-915+/RP-M324 Mercury Analyzer

This is a full day comprehensive training course covering all aspects of sorbent trap mercury analysis and analyzer operation designed to bring someone completely new to the technique up to speed or to improve the efficiency of someone already performing the analysis. This course covers:
  • Overview of the Analytical Methods Used (30B, 12B, Appendix-K)
  • Analyzer Familiarization and Maintenance
  • Complete Software Training
  • Analyzer Calibration
  • Preparing and Analyzing Sorbent Traps
  • Analyzing High-Level Samples Using Profiles
  • Special Techniques for Analyzing Low-Level Samples
  • Analyzing Coal, Ash, and Other Solid and "Complex" Samples
  • Analyst Certification   
Comprehensive Mercury Analysis Training (1 Day)                    $1500  
(Plus Travel Expenses)
Extra Days While on Site                                                           $900  

Refresher Course: Sorbent Trap Mercury Analysis

This is a half day course designed to refresh analysts on instrument operation, software, and sample analysis as well as to provide new information and techniques to get the most out of your analyzer and improve sample analysis precision, accuracy, and efficiency. Solutions to common problems will be presented as well as strategies to deal with any unique challenges experienced in your lab.

Sorbent Trap Analysis Refresher Training (1/2 Day)                  $800  
(Plus Travel Expenses)

Lumex RA-915 Mercury Analyzer Training

If you have a Lumex® RA-915 Mercury Analyzer that is used to analyze sorbent traps or as a stand alone analyzer or used with any other attachments, or if you are planning on purchasing one, ALL BLUE offers training on using this analyzer as the world's best mercury vapor analyzer, for the analysis of aqueous samples with the RP-91 attachment or for solid/complex samples using the RP-91C, Pyro-915, or RP-M324 attachments. For whatever matrix you wish to measure mercury in, the Lumex RA-915 is the best choice and ALL BLUE can provide the best training on its use. More people have been trained on the use of the RA-915 by the personnel at ALL BLUE than by anyone else.

Contact ALL BLUE to arrange Lumex® RA-915 training designed around your mercury analysis needs.

Certifications for Sorbent Trap Mercury Analyzers

ALL BLUE can perform the needed analyzer certifications on your mercury analyzer at our facility or on-sight at a location convenient for you quickly and accurately.
  • MDL Determinations
  • Analytical Bias Tests
  • Spike Recovery Studies
Let your employees do what they do best while we do what we do best; have ALL BLUE perform you analyzer certifications for you.

Contact ALL BLUE for details on economically certifying your 

On-Sight Analysis

Let ALL BLUE show you how you can have your samples analyzed on-sight for less than the cost of laboratory analysis. Get your results in minutes for RATA analyses, mercury reduction technology testing, or any sorbent trap mercury analysis needs you may have. Have your samples analyzed by the industry's leading expert in the field.

Contact ALL BLUE for pricing 

Consultation Services for Meeting Mercury Testing Rules Using Sorbent Traps

ALL BLUE can show you how to economically meet your mercury emission testing requirements using sorbent trap measurement systems and can design a system for your needs and provide supplies and training for your personnel.

Contact ALL BLUE to learn about the most reliable and economical way to measure and report mercury emission data. 

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