Innovative Products and Services for Measuring Mercury Using Sorbent Traps
Supplies, Consultation, Method Development and Optimization for Mercury, PCB, and Other Organic and Inorganic Analyses

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  HG-10 Calibration Carbon (100g) $39 Each   Enter Quantity: 

  HG-11 Calibration Carbon (200g)   $75 Each   Enter Quantity: 

  HG-12 Iodinated Carbon (100g) $295 Each   Enter Quantity: 

  HG-15 Sodium Carbonate (250g) $27 Each   Enter Quantity: 

  HG-16 Sodium Carbonate (500g)   $49 Each   Enter Quantity: 

  HG-17 Sodium Carbonate (Mallinckrodt 500g)   $90 Each   Enter Quantity: 

  HG-19 Calibration Kit    $985 Each   Enter Quantity: 

  HG-20 Trap Disassembly Tool    $19 Each   Enter Quantity: 

  HG-21 Forceps    $19 Each   Enter Quantity: 

  HG-22 Lab Spatula    $13 Each   Enter Quantity: 

  HG-23 Ash Receptacle (6-inch)   $19 Each   Enter Quantity: 

  HG-24 Ash Receptacle (4-inch)   $15 Each   Enter Quantity: 

  HG-30 Pipette Tips    $29 Each   Enter Quantity: 

  HG-31 10 - 100 µL Eppendorf Reference Pipette $490 Each   Enter Quantity: 

  HG-32 10 - 100 µL Eppendorf Reference Pipette (Rebuilt) $249 Each   Enter Quantity:  

  HG-33 10 - 100 µL Eppendorf Research Plus Pipette $550 Each   Enter Quantity:  

  HG-40  Quartz Boat    $75 Each Enter Quantity:  

  HG-41 Quartz Boat with Handle   $95 Each   Enter Quantity:  

  HG-42 Boat Handle   $20 Each   Enter Quantity:  

  HG-43 Graphite Gaskets 1/32" (Regular) $39 Each   Enter Quantity:  

  HG-44 Graphite Gaskets 1/16" (Thick)   $51 Each   Enter Quantity:  

  HG-45 Graphite Gaskets 1/32" (Stainless Steel Reinforced)  $64 Each   Enter Quantity:  

  HG-46 Smart Flow Analyzer Exhaust Filter  $295 Each   Enter Quantity:  

  HG-60 Mercury Standards Kit (Low-Level)   $395 Each   Enter Quantity:  

  HG-61 Mercury Standards Kit (Regular)   $395 Each   Enter Quantity:  

  HG-62 Mercury Standard (0.02 mg/L)   $90 Each   Enter Quantity:  

  HG-63 Mercury Standard (0.10 mg/L)   $90 Each   Enter Quantity:  

  HG-64 Mercury Standard (1.0 mg/L) $90 Each   Enter Quantity:  

  HG-65 Mercury Standard (10 mg/L)   $90 Each   Enter Quantity:  

  HG-66 Mercury Standard (100 mg/L) $90 Each   Enter Quantity:  

  HG-67 Mercury Standard (1,000 mg/L)   $90 Each   Enter Quantity:  

  HG-68 Second Source Mercury Standard (10 mg/L)   $90 Each   Enter Quantity:  

  HG-79 Custom Fitted Calibration Supply Case   $149 Each   Enter Quantity:  

  HG-80 Calibration Standards Bench Rack   $95 Each   Enter Quantity:  

  HG-81 Deluxe Calibration Supplies Bench Rack   $145 Each   Enter Quantity:  

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