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Featured Product
ALL BLUE's "Smart Flow" Mercury Analyzer Filter

The standard RP-M324 filter was designed to neutralize acid gases produced in the furnace to protect the pump and to scrub any mercury from the exhaust gases. This original factory filter performs its job adequately, but has some drawbacks.
  • Replacement filters are expensive at ~ $500 and are recommended to be replaced annually.
  • Filter is "clunky" and top-heavy and uses a vinyl/lead ring to hold it upright. Components of a portable analyzer should not be made of lead if possible!
  • Filter is assembled of off-the-shelf items designed for other uses
  • Extreme tubing angles to filter can cause kinks and block flow
  • Something costing this much should not be held together with plastic cable ties!
  • Filter is prone to clogging
  • Filter has high flow resistance  
ALL BLUE has designed the Smart Flow filter to perform better and offers it at a lower price
  • The Smart Flow filter was designed from scratch for this application
  • It contains the same filter medias as the original factory filter, but contains >50% more active sights for each media so it will last >50% longer
  • Filter is trim, attractive, and replaces the original in seconds
  • Due to its unique design, it is stable on its own without a lead weight
  • The Smart Flow filter allows the exhaust gases to pass through with less resistance and is designed to prevent clogging
  • The design allows hose connections to be kink-free
  • 2-piece design with swivel joint is stable in use but takes up minimal space in travel case
The most convenient way to configure the filter is with the inlet side horizontal and the outlet side vertical. This makes for an easy connection to the furnace hose and the pump hose and the filter is stable in this position. However, the 2 halves can be rotated at the swivel to configure it in other ways depending on bench space and other constraints.

 Part Number: HG-46 $295   

Mercury Calibration Supplies

NIST Traceable Mercury Calibration Standards  

The attention to detail in our accredited laboratory provides unrivaled quality and extended shelf life for our mercury standard solutions. Each standard contains 125 mL and comes with MSDS sheet and Certificate of Analysis.

Our Regular Kit will be ideal for most applications and includes 6 standards with mercury  concentrations of 0.10, 1.0, 10, 100, and 1,000 mg/L and a second source standard at 10 mg/L.

For those routinely analyzing low-level samples, our Low-Level Kit will be ideal. It contains a standard at 0.020 mg/L for more easily making standards at less than 5 ng. The kit also includes solutions at 0.10, 1.0, 10, and 100 mg/L and a second source standard at 10 mg/L. 

For those that don't require a whole kit, Individual Standard Solutions are also available.

Mercury Standard Solution Kits

Part # Price
HG-61 $395 Regular Standard Kit  
HG-60 $395 Low-Level Standard Kit  
Individual Mercury Standard Solutions

HG-62 $90 Mercury Standard at 0.020 mg/L  
HG-63 $90 Mercury Standard at 0.10 mg/L     
HG-64 $90 Mercury Standard at 1.0 mg/L  
HG-65 $90 Mercury Standard at 10 mg/L  
HG-66 $90 Mercury Standard at 100 mg/L  
HG-67 $90 Mercury Standard at 1,000 mg/L  
HG-68 $90 2nd Source Mercury Standard at 10 mg/L  

Calibration Carbon

Save money by calibrating your analyzer with ALL BLUE calibration carbon. Perfect grain size and mercury-free. The resealable spout cap makes dispensing easy and eliminates waste.
HG-10 $39 Calibration Carbon (100 grams)  
HG-11 $75 Calibration Carbon (200 grams)  
Iodinated Carbon
Iodinated carbon is best for capturing mercury in emission sources, absorbing more and retaining it more tenaciously in extreme conditions. ALL BLUE iodinated carbon with our unique spout-top bottles can be dispensed directly into the sample boat eliminating waste from spills and contamination from open dispensing containers. ALL BLUE Iodinated Carbon saves you money.

HG-12 $295 Iodinated Carbon (100 grams)  
Sodium Carbonate
ALL BLUE sodium carbonate, available in 250 gram and 500 gram sizes, comes in our unique spout-top bottles that allow you to cover your sample boats right from the bottle for convenience and to eliminate excess spillage.

HG-15 $27 Sodium Carbonate (250 grams)  
HG-16 $49 Sodium Carbonate (500 grams)  
For those that prefer it, we also carry Mallinckrodt brand sodium carbonate.

HG-17 $90 Sodium Carbonate (Mallinckrodt 500 grams)  
10 - 100 µL Adjustable Pipettes
An accurate, precise, 10-100 µL pipette is necessary to make mercury calibration standards. ALL BLUE stocks the Eppendorf Reference and Research Plus Ergonomic 10-100 µL pipettes which are ideal. We also offer factory reconditioned Reference pipettes at a significant savings.

HG-31 $490 Eppendorf Reference Pipette (10-100 µL)  
HG-32 $249 Eppendorf Reference Pipette (Reconditioned)  
HG-33 $550 Eppendorf Research Plus Pipette (10-100 µL)  
Pipette Tips
ALL BLUE pipette tips come in a hinged box that allows easy loading and fits in our Calibration Supply Case.

HG-30 $29 Pipette Tips (96)  

Calibration Kit
ALL BLUE's calibration kit contains all the calibration supplies necessary to begin analysis with a new thermal mercury analyzer including:
  • Set of 6 Aqueous Mercury Standards (Specify Regular or Low-Level Kit)
  • Eppendorf Reference or Research Plus 10-100 µL Pipette
  • Box of Pipette Tips
  • 500 grams Sodium Carbonate
  • 200 grams Calibration Carbon
  • Custom Fitted Calibration Supply Case or Custom Bench Standard Rack
  • Ash Receptacle for Hot Sample Waste
HG-19 $985 Calibration Kit  

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